About Me

In my 20’s, I told stories with academic research. Or I thought I did. For more than a decade, I worked in women’s health and mental health research. Instead of impacting change, the research findings got buried inside the pages of academic journals. Out of frustrations, I began writing and performing poetry. I loved the immediacy of the performance, and of witnessing the emotional impact of narratives on a live audience. Soon I was looking for bigger audiences by collaborating with dancers, composers, artists, and performers.

I hold a newly minted MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. Returning to school so late in my life, proved to be a great decision. My MFA exposed me to screenwriting, humor writing, and narrative nonfiction. While still in school, I worked as a researcher and story developer for a documentary film producer, received a fellowship from the Banff Centre for the Arts to participate in the Literary Journalism writing residency, and I wrote a lot of screenplays and personal essays.

My background in poetry, performance, and health research, have proved to be helpful tools in my creative projects, as it’s infused much of my work – whether it’s experimental short films, documentaries, sketch comedy, or narrative nonfiction – with a passionate curiosity, highly polished research/interview skills, and a love of experimenting with structure, and form.