Productions & Collaborations

I collaborate every chance I get with composers, musicians, performers, dancers, and once an architect student. A few highlights below.


Art Song is poetry set to music, usually opera. All of the compositions below were created through intense and thoughtful collaboration between myself (the writer), the composer, and often the vocalists and musicians. I’ve now had a dozen of my poems adapted into art songs. Here’s a few.

A wild, fun romp through boozy drinks in the 80’s. A chance to hear the phrase “beer fart” sang by a baritone opera singer!

Listen to Drinks, Popular in the 80’s here.  Text by Shannon Rayne. Music by Nathan Friedman.


A moody, quiet piece about abandonment for piano.

Listen to: What Remains here.Text by Shannon Rayne. Music/composition by James O’Callaghan.



A whimsical piece about a sexual fling that leaves the narrator exhausted.  Erato Ensemble. Wind instruments.

Listen to Island Storm here. Text by Shannon Rayne. Music/composition by Ryan Noakes.




I love conceptual poetry, and creating text-based projects that engages the reader to interact with it, recreate the text, or participate in some way. Below are two examples.

Words to the Wise

“Words to the Wise” is a text based, interactive installation that invited people to manipulate phrases offering clichéd life advice to create new, surreal and playful phrases and poems. There were 8 phrases in total installed on the campus of UBC, creating hundreds of combinations. I worked with an architect and design student who built the installations. Read more about the project here.








In 2009, myself and another writer, Julie Parrell, took over the walls of Gallery Gachet,  in Vancouver, BC. to challenge the assumptions surrounding the label of weakness associated with addiction, femininity, and the choice to stay with an alcoholic partner.

Re/Dis/Covery” was two different perspectives told through poetry, video, installation, mixed media, and a chalk board poem that invited participants to include their own narratives. Julie’s work was from the perspective of someone working toward sobriety, while mine was from the perspective of the friend, or romantic partner, impacted by the addiction of others.  More photos can be found here.

1. The writers on opening night. 2. An interactive game/installations with the “Rules of the Game” poetry/instructions depicting different perspectives. 3. Chalk Board poem inviting the community to add their own perspectives. 4. “Waiting” written by S.Rayne.