Hi! – I’m Shannon, a Vancouver based screenwriter, filmmaker and mixed media creator. My newest short film script “The Procedure” has recently been selected as one of the top ten concepts by a local production company and I’ve been invited to pitch the project this weekend! If selected, I’ll have a small budget and hope to do the 2-day weekend shoot in July.

Here’s a little bit about the film: The Procedure is a dramatic fantasy about a young woman struggling with indecision about her unplanned pregnancy, as she attempts to make sense of intrusive fears manifesting as different versions of her future children. The screenplay was selected as 2nd out of 106 scripts by Priyanka Bose (Lion) and an L.A.-based producer last year.

So, I’d like to start assembling a creative team – a dream team. If you are a cinematographer  or other creative and are intrigued, excited or just curious about the possibility of working with me on a short dramatic stylized film get in touch! I’d like to talk about what you bring to the film in the pitch session. So, ideally, love to chat before May 25th. I like beer, coffee, and skype chats.

About the proposed shoot: 1 location. 2 day shoot in July. 2 actors. Stylized look. Some comedic elements. Small budget.

A little bit about me: My background is in mixed media collaboration and performance. Though this is my first live action film, I’ve worked collaboratively with dancers, visual artists, composers and musicians for over a decade on dozens of creative projects. I’ve directed or co-directed two short experimental films and several performance art and experimental theatre projects. My day job involves teaching theatre, drama, and speech arts to children and teens. I’m a recent grad from UBC’s Creative Writing MFA program where I spent three years writing screenplays.

My ideal collaborator:

  • Comes to the table with creative ideas.
  • Loves stylized films.
  • Enjoys the collaborative process and Indie films.
  • Is driven, focused, and mostly organized.
  • Is excited to support an emerging female director who hopes to assemble a team that is diverse in gender, experience, and cultural background.
  • Loves the word cacophony because it’s a symphonically stunning word. (Ok, this isn’t really necessary).


If so, I welcome the opportunity to chat! Best way to reach me is through email.