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An awkward and overly naive farm gal leaps into an internship at an alternative sexual wellness center to squelch her sexual hang-ups.


POTENT is a half-hour episodic work-place comedy, with serialized character arcs. Jeannie, an upbeat but awkward and overly naive farm gal, attempts to overcome her sexual hang-ups, insecurities, and sexual dysfunction – by diving head first into an internship at Potent, an alternative sexual wellness center in Vancouver. But with its strange offerings – from cuddle parties to penis pottery – Potent is so far out of Jeannie’s comfort zone, it’s a different reality altogether. Jeannie’s wild imagination is sparked to absurd extremes when flung into surreal circumstances at work, or in the bedroom. Surrounded by offbeat coworkers – a neurotic psychologist, a brassy body worker, and a quirky energy healer – Jeannie gets schooled in the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of sex and intimacy. But with her ultra conservative rural farm upbringing, it’s a long road from panicked to empowered.

Available: Pilot script, pitch deck, mini-bible

Awards: Selected by AccessCBC for development mentorship (2022), Austin Film Festival Comedy Teleplay, second rounder (2021)


An uptight, fiercely independent woman struggles to co-parent with an eccentric hippie man half her age, while navigating the changes he and his Burning Man friends bring to her personal and romantic life, without totally going bonkers.

Available: Pilot script, mini-bible.

Awards: Austin Film Festival Comedy Teleplay, Semi-finalist (2019); Coverfly Red List (Top 5%)


A comedy webseries about a group of outspoken teens – all outsiders in their own rural communities – who struggle to collaborate as a team, after they’re brought together for a national youth poetry slam competition.

Available: Pilot script


In the early 90’s punk music scene, a classically trained musician pursues an unlikely career as the lead singer of an all-woman alt-rock band The Rippers, while striving to keep her new angry rock identity from reeking havoc on her personal life.

Available: Mini bible, character break-down.

Short Films


Fed up with being stuck inside, in the world’s most isolated location, Mrs. Claus vents to her online therapist about the unique challenges of her marriage.

Screened: Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, 2022

not a west coast girl…yet (Comedy)

Out of her comfort zone in San Francisco, a naïve farm girl overshares during a job interview and discovers some awkward truths about herself.

Screened: at the Vancouver Performance Quarantine Festival (2020), Winner: Audience Choice Award


A young woman struggles with indecision about her unplanned pregnancy as she tries to make sense of her fears manifesting as different versions of her future children.

Status: Currently in post. Will be released Fall, 2022